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Our Services
We offer polish and wax, color sanding and buffing, water spot removal,and complete Interior cleaning that includes scrubbing door panels and seats, gentle cleaning of the dash and the air conditioning vents, scrubbing the door jams and carpet and mat shampooing. If there is water damage and mold, we'll remove the seats or dismantle the entire interior if necessary.

We will steam clean both the top and bottom of the engine compartment and the complete undercarriage of your vehicle. Hard to get areas are brushed and scrubbed by hand to ensure every ares is touched. Special non-corrosive cleansers are used to remove the oil and asphalt build-up underneath your vehicle. Your engine is then sprayed with a sealant to protect engine parts and gives the engine a clean, finished appearance.

Here's a partial list of what we offer:

• Auto Detailing
• Hand Polishing and Waxing
• Engine Steam Cleaning
• Interior Cleaning & Conditioning
• Leather Seat Conditioning
• Water Damage Repair
• Foggy Headlight Repair
• Scratch & Dent Removal
• Striping

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